Feasibility Study

No developer would want to undertake a project without understanding the financial feasibility of the finished project. TriCal has spent many years developing a working operating proforma designed to produce a clear picture of the economic viability of what the finished project will be. While not an exact science by any means, TriCal thoroughly researches all aspects of a project. By conducting an extensive soft bid process, followed by a comprehensive hard bid period and engaging market and absorption studies, a reliable project performance analysis is developed. With the help of dependable subcontractors, a realistic project schedule is sketched out. In combination with a detailed operating forecast comprised from actual market data, TriCal gathers and examines the information required to make their best decision on the direction of a project.

TriCal's detailed development and property operating proforma worksheets provides a reliable evaluation tool to make the most informed decision concerning the feasibility of a project.

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