Dealing with the various governmental agencies decision makers can be challenging. TriCal excels at addressing challenging land use and entitlement scenarios based on its previous track record in working with community stakeholders. For example, TriCal successfully entitled a long vacant piece of land in the Marina del Rey area, bringing together local neighbors to provide a solution to their longstanding concerns regarding the development of the land. In fact, TriCal was also one of the first developers in Los Angeles County to develop a successful mixed-use project. TriCal has been able to obtain entitlements in the often challenging Brentwood and Westwood neighborhoods by working with the design review boards to provide a product that the community wants while maintaining economic viability for the project. TriCal's team is experienced in expediting permits, approvals, variance and other entitlements required for the commencement of construction. TriCal is also very active in the community and has a reputation for working with the community to envision the best possible project. Being part of the constructive process of local decision makers allows TriCal to reliably understand the wants and desires of the community and provide a path to meet those needs.

By using professional consultants in conjunction with TriCal's seasoned staff members, TriCal can successfully navigate through the regulatory and entitlement process and complete it with ease and efficiency.

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